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KONG CASH pays you the most lucrative commission payout in the industry. When you place one of our KONG banners on your website you will earn a commission from the sales of product on any KONG website.

KONG sales will pay you 15% of every product sold. Compare this payout to any other program. Other programs may pay higher or lower commissions but what really matters on to the bottom line is total sales x commission per sale. Don't be fooled by programs offering 30% + commissions but turn out to have an average conversion ratios of 1/1000 or even worse. KONG generates higher gross sales and reorders than any comparable product on the internet. KONG's outstanding conversion ratios are proven and we support the KONG product with national advertising campaigns, online, and in print. Try the KONG CASH program for 30 days and prove to yourself that the KONG CASH affiliate program is #1!

The KONG commission program does not stop working for you on your direct website referral sales, we also pay you 10% of the total commissions paid per sale for any webmaster that you sign-up for the KONG CASH program.

With the advanced KONG CASH program your job is complete when you refer customer traffic to KONG websites. We do the rest. We handle customer relations, customer support, order processing, product shipping and customer follow-up. Webmasters enrolled in the KONG CASH affiliate program will have password-protected access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to automated reports documenting click-thru and conversion rates from KONG banners working on your website.

The bulk of our customers are so pleased with the KONG products that they order multiple bottles to enjoy more product and better value. And yes! KONG CASH pays you on customer reorders too. Affiliate referred customers are assigned a unique ID code which will track their purchases for you!

KONG products are first quality and they work. Our customer satisfaction rate is the highest in the industry. People love KONG! Overall KONG sales will exceed the sales of any other program and as a KONG CASH affiliate you will reap the rewards!

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